Music As Religious Experience: The Neuroscience Of A Song

Reblogged from Thought Catalog: In 1997 Francis Spufford sat in a London café reeling after a recent fight with his wife. He felt hopeless, and, although he was a longtime Christian, he was grappling with his belief in God.

53 Travel Quotes To Inspire You To See the World

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Are Our Greatest Loves Just The Most Mysterious?

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Introducing SAMOA, an open source platform for mining big data streams.


Machine learning and data mining are well established techniques in the world of IT and especially among web companies and startups. Spam detection, personalization and recommendations are just a few of the applications made possible by mining the huge quantity…

The secrets of designing and building big data apps

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Aaron Kimball co-founded WibiData in 2010. He has worked with Hadoop since 2007 and is a committer on the Apache Hadoop project.

Software applications have traditionally been perceived as a unit of computation designed and…

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Daily learnings: Datasets released by Google


For all the Machine Learning fans out there, here is a short list of various datasets released by Google over the years.

  • Co-occurrence of words for word n-gram model training (translation, spelling correction, speech recognition): blog post
  • Job queue traces from Google clusters: blog post


Bayesian networks (and probabilistic graphical models more generally) are cool. We computer geeks can love ‘em because we’re used to thinking of big problems modularly and using data structures. But better than being cool, they’re useful. Especially if you have the kind of problem that involves…

Pinterest: Behind the Design of an Addictive Visual Network

Pinterest: Behind the Design of an Addictive Visual Network
The Leaders in Design Series is supported by Volvo. Ever find yourself in the rabbit hole of the internet, bookmarking and screengrabbing things you want to buy or images that inspire you? Well, judging from Pinterest’s hockey-stick growth, you’re not alone in your digital collecting and curat…

An indian love marriage

Love marriages around the world are simple:

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. They get married.

In India, there are a few more steps:

Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy. Girl’s family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl. Girl’s Family has to love Boy’s Family. Boy’s family has to love girl’s family.Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married.


Uuufff…INTERVIEW INTERVIEW!!!! make it eaasssy………..

Job interviews are short, crisp, and very important parts of your career.

A good interview can make your career and a bad interview can either offer you progress at best and seriously hamper your progress at worst.

Therefore, it is very important to be completely ready, and know what to say when you attend an interview.

In addition, whatever the post may be, or whatever the job position may be, you should clearly know what not to say in an interview.

What to Say in a Job Interview

1. The art of listening

One of the first skills of a conversation, let alone an interview, is the art of listening. There is a major difference between hearing and listening. We hear music, an action in which we may miss some lyrics or some part of the music, but we hear what is important to us and what we should pay attention to. During an interview, one should remind oneself to hear, understand and keep in mind what the interviewer is saying.

2. When to speak

Also, during an interview, one should keep in mind when to speak and when not to. People who speak when not required stand a high risk of being branded a talkative person, or a person who does not think properly before he or she speaks out. Therefore, take the time to keep silent and listen to what the interviewers have to say. This is doubly important when you are facing more than one interviewer.

3. The information you provide

During an interview, how much information you give out is as important as how much information you retain. Also, try to remain as calm and confident as possible. Make sure that you do not fidget while answering any of the questions. Fidgeting will only make the interviewer think that you are bluffing the interview. Concentration and focus are quite important in a job interview.

4. Provide Facts

Make sure that you have a short fact to share about whatever you tell the interviewer. This will only add to your resume later. However, the fact should not be too long and boring. Remember, the interview is of a very short time span. Give such facts only if the interviewer asks you about it.

5. Relevancy

Additionally, make sure that your job interview focuses on relevancy. You should share any information relevant to your career, or the job profile in general, or even relevant to the interview. If the job requires certain abilities that you possess, make sure that your interview concentrates on those.

6. A team player

Make sure that you give the interviewers an idea that you are a team player. Being a team player means a lot in today’s corporate world. Also, once you have proven that you are a team player, you should try to put across the idea that you like to interact with your team members as well as other individuals on a general basis.

7. Motivation

Another important aspect to put across is that you like to know more about the companies that you work for, so that you better understand the workings of the company and hence contribute to the values of the company.

8. Future plans

Also, make sure that you tell them about any concrete ambition that you have.

9. Honest answers

Lastly, remember that an interview is just the beginning of the job and hiring process. There are several steps along the way where anything that you say will be checked and cross checked. Therefore make sure that you are completely honest about your answers.

What NOT to Say in a Job Interview

Here are some of the ‘don’t’s about appearing for an interview:

1. Private information

One of the biggest mistakes that people commit in an interview is giving out private information when it is not needed, or even when it is simply not asked.

2. Your weaknesses

Do not confess to any weaknesses that may put you in a bad light. If it were so bad, the interviewer would have already noticed it and not called you for an interview.

3. Past problems

Another major problem is created when people speak about the problems that they encountered while they were in their previous jobs. Also, do not try to tell them about any personal likes or dislikes that you may have. Make sure that you do not talk to them about your past disappointments, or anything negative that you have to tell about your previous organization you worked with.

4. The salary

Never discuss the salary unless and until you are asked about it. Salary negotiations are always carried out after receiving a job offer.

Therefore, saying the wrong things during the interview might cost you the job, while saying the right things might get you the job.

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AWS and Open Stack…what they are all about….?
  • Comparing OpenStack and AWS in general is not entirely correct. It is like comparing a grocery store to a restaurant. OpenStack is not a multiplatform cloud offering – it is a software for building private and public clouds that can run on top of any kind of hardware.
  • Conversely, Amazon is not a single-platform cloud software – it is a vertically integrated solution that combines software with hardware in one package. When you decouple software from hardware, as in the case of OpenStack, any cloud software is multiplatform in the sense that it can run in any data center.
  • As we’ve seen with OS and Android and IOS, there will be two camps. In the proprietary camp, Microsoft and VMWare will battle that one out. In the Open Source camp, OpenStack at this point has all the opportunity to become a leader like Linux for OS or Android for IOS.
  • Those wanting an open option are likely to consider OpenStack rather than locking themselves in to a proprietary solution.
Chopper crisis ends, Pak frees Indian crew

The official sources have confirmed that the issue of Army helicopter being forced to land in PoK by Pakistani military, has been resolved.